Gift Ideas For The Digital Age Child

Time changes and brings evolution along, but what do we do with some of the new changes? When I was younger, my parents had a room just for toy storage at our house. And let me tell you, that room was always a mess from how much time my brother and I spent playing in there. But with technology ever present in society, we are experiencing an uprise in kids who don’t know how to play.

Maybe I have a different perspective on the importance of toys in our lives as children because my grandma works as a toy sales representative and toys were a huge part of my childhood. We went with her to the stores she sold to, went to some of the big branches, and always got free samples of the toys that were about to come out. As I’m sure you can imagine, going to her house was always really fun.
Nowadays though, many kids have their own phone or tablet at a very young age and only play on them. And that raises the question: With this generation of kids who don’t know how to play, what do we buy them?

New Clothes

If there is one certainty in this post, is that clothes will always be a necessity both for adults and kids, thus a great gift idea. You can go to brands like PatPat and Zara, two huge retailers of kids’ clothing, and browse through their vast assortment of clothes to find the perfect gift for the little one. In some brands, like PatPat, you will even be able to browse the different options based on the age of the child, making your shopping experience really practical!

Arts & Crafts Materials

Another way to inspire the creative side of kids is by getting them arts and crafts materials. The world of possibilities is wide open for this gift idea. You can buy kits for making jewelry, pottery, sewing, or more, thus encouraging not only their creativity but also their fine motor skills. There is also the option of getting art supplies for drawing, painting, coloring, sculpting, etc. Brands like Crayola and BIC are great examples of where you can find all the materials you may need.

source: Unsplash – young boy painting


While there is a decline in how many kids play with toys nowadays, we can’t deny the value of traditional playing. Luckily for us, there is a wide variety of toys we can get kids nowadays. From educational toys like LEGO that help promote creativity and engineering skills, to board games and puzzles that encourage strategic thinking and cooperation, and traditional toys like stuffed animals and dolls; you will have plenty of options to choose from. Make sure to browse through Mattel and ShopDisney for some great gift inspirations.

Outdoor & Active Play

Spending time outdoors and doing physical activities is good for everyone, regardless of age. We can help inspire this passion in kids by gifting them sporting equipment like soccer balls, basketballs, bicycles, skates, skateboards, etc. We can also build them an exploration kit with binoculars, compasses, insect observation tools, and more to help them explore their curiosity in the world around them. I can tell from my childhood that a quick way to entertain a child is to take them to a Decathlon to look for their sporting equipment themselves. The shop is filled with so many products and sections that you can explore, which might be a gift in itself to the child. For more information on Decathlon, please read our other article “Why to Shop Decathlon Products”.


This might be another personal take since you would either catch me with a book or toy at hand as a child, but books are another great gift idea for kids. From graphic novels and illustrated books for younger readers to popular series for older kids, you will definitely find something that fits the kid’s literary taste. You can both go to physical bookstores to see what is trending right now or use online tools like Amazon to buy the books efficiently.

source: Unsplash – boy and girl reading their books


One thing that we should always remember is that there is more to life than material things. Creating memories is a part of life and something we will carry with us forever. With that in mind, you can always gift experiences to your kids. Take them to a child-friendly play, musical, or sports event. You can also give them a voucher for fun experiences like going to a trampoline park, an amusement park, rock climbing, etc. The possibilities are endless and you will have the option of giving a truly memorable gift to this child. You can find some options for this on Tiqets and on the attractions section at

Musical Instruments

Let me start off by saying you might want to check with the parents of the child you are gifting if this is something they would be okay with the noise that would come with it. There are many benefits to gifting music and instruments to kids, for example, the enhancement of cognitive development due to it involving the use of memory, attention and spatial-temporal skills; it also boosts emotional and social skills, encourages discipline and responsibility, promotes creativity and self-expression, develops fine motor skills and coordination, and much more. You can achieve all of that by gifting things like a ukulele, keyboard, wind instrument, karaoke machine, and even a dance mat.


Technology is definitely still a gift option, though I dare say it’s a controversial one. Please make sure to always check the parent’s philosophy and boundaries when it comes to technology before gifting it to the child. There are some fun electronics nowadays that have been created especially for children, like tablets with pre-loaded educational apps and strict parental controls. There are also many video games that can be monitored by parents and used by kids as both an educational and entertainment tool. But I want to reiterate that the key to this type of gift is always getting permission from the parents before buying something. The parents should always be the ones to decide if and when technology will be introduced to their children.


Let’s all take a quick breath together. I know it was a lot of information, but with how different things are nowadays, it’s always best to be as informed as we can to make the best decision. I hope this article has helped inspire you with some gift ideas for the children in your life. Make sure to follow our other articles for more amazing content.

Bruna Gorresio