Hop Into Fun: Creative Easter Activities And Traditions

With Easter just around the corner, I’m personally already buzzing with excitement for the holiday. Regardless of whether you will spend the day doing egg hunts, enjoying delicious meals or spending quality time with your family, Easter is a pretty magical holiday. Let’s dive in to some amazing ways to make sure your Easter will be unforgettable, keeping it fun and fabulously festive.

1. Plan The Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

Easter was one of my favourite holidays growing up thanks to the incredible egg hunts my family would set up. We would get clues scattered around that would lead us to further clues and smaller chocolate surprises before we got to the final treasure. No Easter celebration was complete without it. And let me tell you, it wasn’t just us kids that got caught up in the thrill of the hunt. Even though they were the ones that set it up, the adults would also get really invested in the activity.
How can you make the hunt different this year? Bring in superheroes, princesses or even add a DIY detective story to the hunt. Get as creative as you want and make sure to have a blast doing it. If you want to make the hunt a little bit harder, make sure to hide some eggs in trickier spots!

2. Cook Up Some Delicious Easter Recipes

Holiday food is good food, and there are some delicious Easter recipes that will make the holiday even better. Bring love and warmth to the table with your grandma’s secret lamb recipe or a new, adventurous Easter dessert. You can also experiment with traditional Easter recipes from around the world to make this holiday feast even more memorable. Don’t want to take on cooking all by yourself? Invite your friends and family to bring a dish. That way you can share and discover new favorites together while celebrating the holiday.

3. Get Crafty With DIY Easter Decorations

Decorating is my favorite part of any holiday. Decorating for Easter is particularly fun with all of the colors and all of the handmade decorations we can make. You can make your own wreaths for the front door, cute bunny napkin rings and anything else you can think of. And you can make it a family activity by getting everyone involved in the crafting process. Create memories together and beautiful decorations for your home, while keeping the kids entertained during the school break. You can find all of your supplies on Amazon or your local craft store.

source: Unsplash – Easter decoration

4. Thoughtful Easter Gifts

Always remember that Easter gifts don’t have to break the bank in order to be meaningful. A simple, handmade gift can say a lot more than something you bought in a store. Not everyone is a huge chocolate fan, and thankfully there are many meaningful options of gifts you can give. Think personalized Easter baskets filled with your loved ones’ favorite treats, a personalized DIY photo frame with a cherished memory, or an assortment of chocolates like Kinder, M&M’s, Oreos and more. Make sure to always check the many deals available before making your purchase to ensure you always get the best prices!

5. Join In The Local Easter Parade

If your town or city hosts an Easter parade, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this amazing experience. Filled with colorful floats, music and performances, this is a family-friendly event that allows you to soak up the festive atmosphere and connect with your community. Grab your friends or family, don your Easter best, and make a day of it.


I have no doubt that Easter will be an unforgettable holiday, full of joy, reflection and togetherness. It’s our opportunity to embrace the spirit of the season with the ultimate egg hunt, cooking up a storm, spending a quiet day in reflection or saving on gifts. So, dive into these activities, make some memories, and most importantly, have a fantastic Easter!

Bruna Gorresio