The Body Shop Journey Through Ethical Skincare And Beauty

Since its start in 1976, The Body Shop has been revolutionary, a force for good. Very few brands, like L'Occitane and Lookfantastic, resonate with ethical and sustainable practices as much as them. The brand has distinguished qualities that have redefined the industry standards and set a benchmark for others to follow. In this article, we will deep-dive into these qualities and see what sets The Body Shop apart.

Leading Cruelty-Free Beauty

The Body Shop has been the leader of the Cruelty-Free Beauty movement from the start. The brand makes sure to ensure no animals are harmed in the making of its products. It’s incredible to witness how this commitment goes beyond mere words and observe how consistently they have campaigned against animal testing and influencing that policies get changed worldwide.

Welcoming Vegan Beauty Products

As the demand for vegan beauty products continues, The Body Shop not only foresaw this but fully embraced it. With a wide variety of products that are free of animal-derived ingredients, the brand caters even more to ethically-conscious consumers.

Dedication To Fair Trade Cosmetics

The Body Shop’s dedication to Fair Frade Cosmetics is evident with the brand’s ‘Community Fair Trade’ program. This program sources fine ingredients and accessories from expert producers worldwide. Such initiative guarantees you high-quality products as well as fair prices and working conditions for local communities. When you pick The Body Shop, you indirectly contribute to the welfare of many communities, making each and every purchase a socially responsible act.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

As a part of B Corp, The Body Shop takes its environmental impact very seriously, hence the brand’s efforts to reduce it by using eco-friendly packaging on its products. This packaging focuses on using fewer plastic materials and using more plant-based and recycled plastic. More than that, The Body Shop helps people around the globe to reuse, reduce, and recycle with their Refill Program.

source: The Body Shop – Refill bottle

Organic Body Care

Aside from the eco-friendly packaging, The Body Shop products are made from sustainability sourced, natural ingredients and ingredients of natural origin as much as possible. The formulas used all have the intent of improving the environmental footprint of the company. With such ingredients, The Body Shop can fulfill its natural beauty solutions promise effectively without compromising on its ethical values.

Charitable Beauty Brand

The Body Shop is much more than a beauty brand, it also strongly involves itself in charitable initiatives. Showing support for many social and environmental causes such as domestic violence and homelessness, as well as many more, they prove that beauty and benevolence can go hand in hand.

Find The Perfect Present With Ethical Gift Sets

It shouldn’t come as a surprise at this point that you will be able to find thoughtful and ethical gift options at The Body Shop. You can then build an ethical gift set, which might just be the perfect choice for you. The sets can be filled with a variety of skincare and beauty products. You can build the sets yourself or check the gift guide the company has created for you.

In Conclusion

The Body Shop continues to lead the industry with regard to ethical beauty and skincare. The brand sells much more than products, it sells a philosophy, a way of life that is kind, conscious, and beautiful. I was already a big fan of the brand, and all of the information I compiled to write this article made it so that The Body Shop will be my brand of choice for beauty products.

Christiaan van Amstel