4 Steps To Becoming A Booking Genius

Are you looking for a way to make travel both more affordable and practical? I have just the solution for you. We are all familiar with Booking.com, the biggest travel agency in the world. But are you familiar with their loyalty program? Introducing Genius, the ultimate travel rewards program, with increased benefits with each level you reach inside the program.

Easy Sign-Up

Unlike other loyalty programs, it is very simple to get a Genius profile. So what do you need to do? Create an account on Booking.com, and your Genius profile will automatically come with it. Nothing more, it is as easy as that.

Level Up For More Benefits

Now that you have your Genius profile, you will see that you are automatically placed on the first level of the program. Genius has levels ranging from 1 to 3, and you can progress through the levels so long as you follow the steps. Let’s deep dive into each of the steps, their rewards, and how to progress to the next level.

Genius Level 1

With Genius Level 1, you are automatically granted a lifetime discount of 10%. You will be able to use this promotion both on your stays and car rentals. We will go into more detail regarding how the discount is applied and which bookings qualify further along this article.

Genius Level 2

In order to reach Genius Level 2, you need to complete 5 bookings on select stays and rental cars within 2 years. With this level upgrade, your discount on stays will be topped to up to 15%, and you will also get the option of free breakfast and free room upgrades on select stays. And the cherry on top? As soon as this reward level is reached, these benefits will be yours forever. Once you are on Genius Level 2, you won’t go back to Level 1, regardless of how much time passes.

Genius Level 3

Level 2 seems pretty nice, doesn’t it? Well, with this new level the maximum discount you get increases to up to 20%, and aside from getting free breakfasts and room upgrades, you will also be awarded priority support on all of your stays. All you have to do to reach this level is complete 15 bookings on select stays and rental cars.

source: Booking.com – hotel room with queen bed and two sofas

The Benefits

One of the greatest benefits is that the Genius program includes discounted stays in over 390 thousand properties around the world. All properties participating in this amazing program are easily recognizable with the blue Genius label on them, so there is no mistaking which properties are and which ones are not a part of the program.
As previously mentioned, another significant benefit of Genius is that as you unlock a new level, that level is yours for life. This means the new discount level acquired will never be lost and you will be able to enjoy better discounts forever.
The ease with which you can grow within Genius is nothing short of amazing. Travelers will quickly be able to move up within the levels and get the best discounts available to them. Whether it is by booking your stay or your car rental, you are guaranteed growth and will quickly have better benefits at the tip of your fingers.

Travel Affordably

Once you have unlocked all your Genius levels, you will be able to travel more affordably than ever. When browsing Booking.com, make sure to look for the Genius labels on the properties and reap all the benefits in your travels. You won’t regret it!


Now that you have gotten to know the wonderful tool that Genius is, you are well on your way to making the best financial decisions for your wallet and your travel goals. Go create your account and start reaping the rewards now! And, please, make sure you also check our other article “Your Guide to Finding The Ideal Place to Stay” for more information.

Bruna Gorresio