The Event You’ve Been Waiting For: Stuff Your Kindle Day

Attention romance readers! If you are someone like me, you know that reading is a hobby that we love but sometimes can’t sustain due to high prices on the books and book series that build our To-Be-Read (TBR) list. But Amazon has created the perfect solution for this issue!

A lot of you might already be familiar with the amazing service that is Kindle Unlimited, the subscription that costs only $11.99 per month and gives you access to over 4 million books in a library-like system. If you’re not familiar with this subscription service yet, you can read our other post about it here.

Other than this amazing subscription service, Amazon also offers the event of our dreams: Stuff Your Kindle Day! This happens only four times every year. In 2023, this event is happening on March 31, June 30, September 20, and December 27, so there is still time for you to make the most out of this event before the year comes to a close!

What Is Stuff Your Kindle Day?

Stuff Your Kindle Day is a day where thousands of e-books become available to you for FREE and you can get as many as you want! Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? It honestly only gets better.

Even if you are not a Kindle user, other e-readers like Nook, Kobo, Apple Books, or Google Play apps to read ebooks, they also have a Stuff Your e-reader day where you can get as many books as you want, completely for free! Make sure to check your e-reader of choice to find the list of books that will take part of the Stuff Your e-Reader Day!

source: Unsplash – e-reader and coffee

Can I Combine Stuff Your Kindle Day With My Kindle Unlimited Subscription?

Absolutely! The 20 books you can get from Kindle Unlimited are not fully transferred to your ownership, as you have to return them in order to get a new one. The books you get on Stuff Your Kindle Day are yours to keep. You can buy thousands and thousands of books for a whopping cost of $0 and keep them forever!

How Do I Transfer The Books To My Kindle?

Just like any other ebook purchase you make on Amazon, the books you buy will automatically be added to your Kindle. It doesn’t matter if you use the Kindle app or if you have the device, the books will be available to you as soon as you click on Buy to get the book!

From one bookworm to another, happy shopping and happy reading!

Bruna Gorresio